In this week’s podcast intro, we share personal revelations of what we are learning about ourselves in lockdown.

As we stepped into week 5 of lockdown, Colin and I faced some uncomfortable truths.

We’d vowed to be honest in each intro to each week’s podcast, hoping that by sharing our worries and fears, it offered a door to others who were trying to make sense of their lockdown mental health.

In week 5 the pod intro found us recalibrating meaningful friendship.

Our relationship with some of those we counted as ‘go-to-pals’, had left us both with feelings of not being listened to, or comforted during mutual exchanges about the pandemic.

Instead we were left with feelings of disappointment and bitter sadness.

As we talked out our feelings in the podcast air, we came to join our own dots and understand that many of our dialogues and messaging with some friends was now exposed as jarring with our intrinsic values.

When we risked personal honesty and vulnerability, we received empty platitudes, silences, or lack of empathy, provoking confusion, doubt and zapping our usual positive energy.

However in stark contrast when we received unexpected bounties, surprises, and gorgeous sentiments, personal exchanges, soothing, deep emotional conversations and great acts of kindness, from those we hadn’t clapped eyes on for a long time, we felt valued, loved and respected.

The Bravery to Face Ourselves

Regardless of who was present or not, we learned the feelings we shared were rooted to ourselves, our expectations and our shifting values in times of COVID-19.

By opening ourselves up to these brave, honest realisations and emotions, we were using the gift from ALL involved, to face our own limiting behaviours, biases, emotions, expectations and the conditions we put out on others.

This kind of self-critique is painful, but it allows us to shine a big bright light on parts of ourselves that are undesirable, hidden, or denied for fear of what others will think of us. It’s often only our most trusted souls that we allow to see into the dark corners of our minds and vulnerabilities.

Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people. 

Carl Jung

Yet these are the light and dark qualities that make up our humanity and our life lessons.

In this lockdown we are all being tested for mental endurance, and in the relationship we build with ourselves and others.

Lockdown offers us an opportunity to do repair work on ourselves for today and our future selves.

If you’ve not heard this week’s podcast episode – ‘Endurance- Braving the COVID-19’ you can listen HERE

In the meanwhile please get in touch to let us know how you’re feeling and what you’re learning about YOU under lockdown.

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Be safe, Keep well and Stay Brave

Charley & Colin Brave Your Day