We support people with problems in living to brave their days, their way, in uncertain times.

About Charley

I’m a hope-a-holic who is learning every day to ditch my terrifying fears, anxieties and self-defeating beliefs in order to practice living and leading my bravest life.

I have worked since I was 11. Moved cities solo in my twenties. Set up an award winning design Board Game Company in my thirties, when I was tracked by the Financial Times as a woman entrepreneur and crowned ‘Queen of guerilla marketing’.

In my late thirties I confronted death and dying by supporting my then partner to have his best death. In my forties I ran my first 10k, learnt to ride a bike, married my soulmate and climbed 11,000 feet up the Matterhorn. Now that I’ve survived into my 50’s, I celebrate my low life points alongside my daily bravery fieldwork with like-minded warriors.

As a therapist and coach, for over 30 years, I have supported individuals, teams and organisations, dealing with problems in living, trauma, relational issues, fears, building emotional intelligence, cultivating resilience, reducing stress and braver leadership.

About Colin

It took me over 40 years to discover it’s actually fine to be the person I am.

I’m a Person centred counsellor, a Psychotherapist, Dad, husband and proud, enthusiastic dyslexic who can spell words in over twenty different ways.

I spent over 12 years managing a Community Addiction Service in Glasgow’s East End and also worked as a therapist in Barlinnie and with prisoners serving long-term sentences in HMP Shotts.

Music is a huge part of who I am. I’ve played professional saxophone for over 40 years and was signed to RCA Records.


About Our Associates

In order to deliver professional, quality mental health support on a larger scale, we have built a community of hand-picked, fully accredited and insured coaches and therapists.

All work with theoretical framesworks and hold significant proven experience of client private practice.

Each Associate holds membership of professional bodies such as British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and/or International Coach Federation.

We work across UK, USA, Europe (including Republic of Ireland) and Middle East and have Associates in Glasgow, London, Dublin, Paris, New York, Vienna and Barcelona.

We have Associates fluent and conversant in:

  • German –French- Italian
  • Spanish- Portuguese- Arabic
  • Slovenian- Croatian-Bosnian
  • Serbian-Chinese (conversant not fluent)

On the left are a few photos of some (not all) of our Associates.

 About Our

Company Mascot 

Meet ‘Wee Kate’ our company mascot and Worry Dog ambassador. She’s a red and white Scottish Border Collie.

She offer her owners, Charley and Colin, daily reminders of what’s important to living a full and joyful life.

Follow Kate on Instagram @WeeKatethebordercollie