We support people with problems in living to brave their days, their way!

About Charley

I’m a hope-a-holic who is learning every day to ditch my terrifying fears, anxieties and self-defeating beliefs in order to practice living and leading my bravest life.

I have worked since I was 11. Moved cities solo in my twenties. Set up an award winning design Board Game Company in my thirties, when I was tracked by the Financial Times as a woman entrepreneur and crowned ‘Queen of guerilla marketing’.

In my late thirties I confronted death and dying by supporting my then partner to have his best death. In my forties I ran my first 10k, learnt to ride a bike, married my soulmate and climbed 11,000 feet up the Matterhorn. Now that I’ve survived into my 50’s, I celebrate my low life points alongside my daily bravery fieldwork with like-minded warriors.

About Colin

It took me over 40 years to discover it’s actually fine to be the person I am.

I’m a Person centred counsellor, a Psychotherapist, Dad, husband and proud, enthusiastic dyslexic who can spell words in over twenty different ways.

I spent over 12 years managing a Community Addiction Service in Glasgow’s East End and also worked as a therapist in Barlinnie and with prisoners serving long-term sentences in HMP Shotts.

Music is a huge part of who I am. I’ve played professional saxophone for over 40 years and was signed to RCA Records.


About Wee Kate the Border Collie


I’m a red and white Scottish Border Collie.

I’m Brave Your Day-Your Way’s brand ambassador and mascot!

I offer my owners, Charley and Colin, daily reminders of what’s important to living a full and joyful life.

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