The simple reason people seek coaching is because they want things to be different in their lives. 

We coach people who want to add braver living to their years.

Teachers, not for profit workforces, social workers, community activists, people leaving prison, leaders, people in retirement, asylum seekers and refugees, entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, musicians, creatives, people who feel lost…ultimately people who want to live or work with more bravery.

We coach people from Scotland to the USA, over the phone, skype or in person.

For individuals we offer a FREE sample of coaching so you can try it and see if it feels right for you.

Storytelling unites and inspires us all to brave our day-our way

Positive and contagious in uncertain times. 

We aim to boost personal and cultural bravery through an eclectic mix of positive, true stories told by courageous people and communities from Scotland to New York.

Gathering stories, that draw great personal strength and human discomfort from witnessing and learning ways other people think, feel, experience and manage their dark and light, life curve balls.

We believe modern bravery and courage are needed more than ever in these uncertain times.

Ultimately we push to inflame change in ourselves, the lives of others and the world around us.

If we all were to pick up our bravery torches and light each other’s, imagine how much more light there would be to witness and inspire each other to live and lead a braver day?

You can read bravery stories in our Brave Your Day book and our regular newsletter ‘Brave Bite’ and Campfire Round-Up.

We also feature spoken word at our live bravery storytelling events. Coming soon this autumn our Brave Your Day Podcast.