We offer Life and Executive coaching to individuals from all walks of life and staff leaders at all levels of organisations/companies, to achieve lasting, positive, brave change – for themselves, their families, communities, teams, and their companies.

People seek Coaching because they want things to be different in their lives, they want to stop unhelpful habits, embrace fears that keep them stuck and achieve results to keep motivated.

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We offer co-created, bespoke facilitation, consultancy and practice-based masterclasses to support what your organisation and people need.

Perhaps it’s braver, more confident leadership, more accountability, adapting to change, dealing with uncertainty, changing habits like procrastination, acknowledging stress and personal resilience or managing emotional wellbeing in life at work.

Our approach is guided by our philosophy.

We believe people have the ability to unravel their own blockers through facilitative support.

Everything we do brings hands-on, experiential learning and practical takeaways.

We never use powerpoint !

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We only do things that can be done around a campfire wants to change.








                        WEEKLY  PODCAST


Our weekly podcast is an uplifting, optimistic interview show aimed at supporting you to lead and live a braver life in uncertain times.

It aims to boost personal and cultural bravery through an eclectic mix of positive, true stories told by courageous people from Scotland to New York.

By sharing stories, we can draw great personal strength and human discomfort from witnessing and learning ways other people think, feel, experience, heal and manage their dark and light, life curve balls. 

“Just listened to Bryan’s episode of Brave Your Day.

Absolutely amazing, was welling up several points.

So interesting to listen to!”

We believe modern bravery and courage are needed more than ever in these uncertain times.

A new episode is available every Wednesday and comes with takeaways and resources

( plus all previous episodes are listed for you to download)

Available on Apple- Spotify- Acast just search ‘Brave Your Day’