We specialise in counselling and therapeutic coaching young people & adults with problems in living.

Our track record is with care givers, teachers, people seeking asylum, people in prison, artists, small business owners, public sector, social care & NHS staff, people who are dying, people with an addiction(s), those in recovery…so that’s ANYONE living !

COUNSELLING– speaking with us as your counsellor, offers a safe, accepting space with optimistic support. Braver expression of how you’re really feeling can offerimportant ways to to keep building up your mental strength and learn to value your own life experiences.

THERAPEUTIC COACHING– working with us as your coach will support you to have a braver conversation with yourself about what you value and want more of in your life.

As your coach we’ll believe in you, encourage and cheer you on to action your baby steps to keep on track to achieving your goal.



We can support your people (staff, Board, volunteers) across all levels of leadership within your organisation to thrive with our dedicated packages of individual mental health wellbeing support, independent to your structure.


We offer opportunties to build capacity, independently review longstanding services, rethink and activate braver values and culture within your company or organisation, to be a braver force for good to your people, neighbours, community and the world. 




Charley is known as an engaging speaker at conferences, events and in the media.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements for your audience.


Before COVID we hosted, tailored, in-person facilitation and workshop learning with small groups and teams. Like everyone we have adapted to respect all our safety. At the moment this work will be online.


We deliver learning experiences with teams and businesses seeking to thrive in this changing world.

All our sessions apply psychological & therapeutic insights to the changing workplace helping business understand the role that emotions play in office life and to develop the skills they need to create a healthier culture.


Here’s a sampler of some of our most requested masterclasses.


Brave Your Day PDF brochure


  • work with girls, young women & women
  • Childhood & Adult Abuse (emotional, physical, sexual…)
  • Addiction – Self-Harm
  • Anger-Worry-Anxiety -Depression
  • Guilt- Shame
  • Bereavement, loss & grief
  • Change & life transitions
  • Relationships – with self & others
  • Trauma -Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Fear -Bravery
  • Feeling stuck
  • Identity – Self-Criticism
  • Work related issues
  • Low self-esteem- confidence- strengths
  • Perfectionism -Procrastination
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Stress – self-care- compassion


  • Person Centred Counselling
  • Strengths based approach
  • Co-Active Coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Performance Coaching 
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Trauma Focused Therapy
  • Psychotherapy,
  • Team & Peer Facilitation,
  • In person Masterclasses (pre COVID)
  • Online Webinars & learning
  • CPD at all stages of leadership
  • Outplacement (with technical expertise, CV review, redundancy & interview skills)


Our ethical responsibilities

The counselling or therapeutic coaching that we provide is confidential and we will always seek to protect the details of our work. The only circumstances in which we would consider breaching confidentiality are if there appears to be a genuine and immediate risk of serious harm to you or another person, or if required by the law. Should such an issue arise we would seek to discuss our concerns with you first. We would not make a decision to breach your confidence lightly. In the rare event of breaking confidentiality only those persons who absolutely need to know will be informed.


Record keeping
We do not keep any records of our therapeutic coaching or counselling sessions.


In line with the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy and International Coach Federation Code of Ethics we have regular and ongoing formal supervision of our work. The purpose of supervision is to enable us to ensure that we are meeting our ethical responsibilities as a counsellor or coach. Any aspect of our work that we take to supervision, we will present in a way that preserves anonymity and will be treated confidentially by both supervisor and ourselves.