We support people to brave their day, their way, to lead mentally healthier and braver lives.

Everyday Mental Health Wellbeing

Hello we are Charley and Colin.

Our Mental Health practice is dedicated to leading braver and mentally fitter lives despite uncertain times.

Together we bring 70 years of accredited therapeutic and leadership practice. We hold full Disclosure Scotland (PVG scheme), insurance & professional body memberships.

During the COVID pandemic, our focus is to offer safe spaces with telephone or online counselling or coaching.

We specialise in work with individuals (from 11years-adult) and employees, to manage anxiety, stress, loss & bereavement and fears to be their mentally, bravest best, while working from home, care-giving, juggling family and sustaining themselves in times of uncertainty.

We support people to thrive in 3 ways: 

  1. Telephone or online counselling or coaching 
  2. Mental Health Podcast 
  3. Online Learning courses 


About Charley

I’m a hope-a-holic who is learning every day to ditch my terrifying fears, anxieties and self-defeating beliefs in order to practice living and leading my bravest life. 

About Colin

It has taken me over 40 years to discover it’s actually fine to be the person I am. I’m a person-centred counsellor, psychotherapist, musician, Dad, husband and proud, enthusiastic Dyslexic, who can spell words over 20 different ways.

Catherine's Story

After a period of loss, fear and anxiety I started regular coaching sessions to try something different. Counselling had helped up to a point but I felt it held me in my past only. I can never thank you enough for all your words of encouragement.
You have taught me how to believe in myself again.

Amber's story

I’m 13 and I feel like you’re the only person that really listens to me. Everyone in my life tells me what to do and what I should be doing. You help me work it out for me.

Joanne's story

“I started my journey with Charley as my guide almost 12 months ago. She has a photograph on the wall; the steep and perilous summit of the Matterhorn. That image fascinates me. In the last four years I have gone from a single art lesson in my dining room to being the CEO and Founder of a multi-award winning business and charity…”

Suzi's story

“When I was first recommended to meet with Charley I was sceptical, I didn’t really understand how she could help me.
However after regular meet ups with her she made me aware of myself, the way I spoke about myself and my body language…”

Garry's story

“My Experience with doing life coaching was that I always felt comfortable when doing each hourly session. I always felt I could be honest with myself and just open up about what I was going through which was really rewarding for me as I’ll be honest at the start I was a bit nervous about doing this as it’s something I’ve never done before but Charley provided an environment which was safe and quiet…”

Julie's story

During lockdown I got scared and lonely. I’m 16 and a young unpaid carer. I used weekly coaching to talk about stuff that worried me or I was trying to work out. Charley helped me to believe and accept myself for who I am.

Pamela's story

“Bravery coaching with Charley came at the perfect time in my life as I was really struggling to cope with some personal & family issues. Charley enabled me to focus my energy on my strengths and to concentrate on the positives…”

Jennifer's story

“I am certainly beginning to live a phenomenal life after what has been a very rocky 12 months. Involvement in the coaching sessions over this difficult period in my life has reminded me that I am bold and brave and have all the answers in my head I just need to pause and take time to consider my strengths and qualities…”


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We are here for ANY adult, young person or employee who feel they’d value support from outwith their own circle.


Telephone or online, safe, accepting space to talk through whatever’s on your mind. 

Available -Single sessions to support you in the ‘here and now’

Affordable Rates per session 

We are accredited professionals .


Book your appointment get in touch with us today  HERE 

              Limited face-to-face counselling or coaching in Glasgow.

Our COVID Guidance policy is in line with our professional organisations & public health to keep our clients and community safe as possible. 

How can we support your mental wellbeing?

Individual Support 

Safe, confidential in-person, telephone or online support to young people, adults and staff to maintain and sustain their mental health during and transitioning out of lockdown.

Online Lessons

Virtual life-changing programmes, mini workshops & daily practices to motivate, energise and focus you on what you can control, to increase your confidence & mental strength by emboldening your greatest power, your individuality.



Our FREE podcast now has 3 series under it’s belt with a catalogue of over 40 episodes for you to listen to anytime, anyplace.

Produced by The Big Light in Glasgow.


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