We understand how big a step it is to seek trusted external support. Our guide provides pointers of what to consider and ask. 


Power is rooted in our societal institutions, structures, histories and culture.

Watching the horrific footage of the killing of George Floyd in America has heightened activism to channel justifiable anger into peaceful sustained & effective action.

We appreciate this moment can be a real turning point that requires everyone to speak up.


Everyone has a level of stamina that comes and goes.

When drained we can be left with little to nothing in our fuel tank.

 Imagine mental stamina like a muscle that you keep pumping, flexing and building up.

Here are simple ideas we invite you to try to build your mental stamina daily.

 Recognising your Stress Triggers

Just by noticing what drains us in our lives, can be the first step to reducing our stress levels.

It can then allow us to support ourselves to choose where to conserve our energies and find ways that work for us to refuel.

How does stress shows up in you? 


What’s Your Relationship with Trust? 

Our relationship with trust  during lockdown requires us all to believe, hope, feel confident, be assured and protected.  

More than ever we are being asked to not only trust our leaders, neighbours and strangers but also ourselves

Emotions- During the pandemic

Where are you on the Change Curve? 

Check in with yourself and appreciate that during the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic you may swing forwards and backwards naturally. …and that’s OKAY. 

Understanding our response to change can help us become mentally stronger. 

(c) Reference Kubler-Ross

My 5-point Christmas Survival Plan

Christmas time can be a time for big expectations and stressors.

Try out the Survival Plan to support yourself to Brave the festive season your way.

The invitation is to take stock of what you want from your festive time and create it for yourself…unapologetically.


In this ever-changing world (during Coronavirus Pandemic), it can be tough to keep our mind on what we want more of and off what we don’t want!

Try out the What I Can Control takeaway. Click on the button below.

Here’s a simple exercise to support you to take stock of where you are focusing.

Remind yourself of ways you could power up to bring greater influence to your household and mindset.

Notice the difference between areas that cause you ‘concern’ and can’t control against the brave, areas you can influence.

VALUES BINGO – What are Values and which one’s are important to you?

 Here’s a simple Values Bingo exercise to support you to take stock of your values and how live they are daily.


 Whatever you’ve got on repeat becomes your reality.

What we look at every day, our thoughts, what we read, listen to, talk about, ultimately what we tell ourselves. It all impacts on how we live.

Take stock of what you’ve got on auto-loop and upgrade anything that’s NOT supporting your quest for being your best.

Try our takeaway and start noticing.


The turmoil and crisis in the world and our communities has been deepening.

We’ve been noticing many people questioning and re-evaluating their place in the world. 

Considering their value and purpose.

Wth a strong desire to ditch old ways and face what has been not working to create something better, positive and purposeful for themselves, their neighbourhoods and the world.

Making ourselves a priority is brave, having an honest conversation with ourselves is brave, witnessing brave action in others can also spur us on the take braver actions in our own lives.