We’ve worked professionally in the therapeutic, charitable ‘ helping industry’ for well over 60 combined years. Those years were rooted in facilitating change with people who had been airbrushed out of life as a result of problems with living and concomitant issues.

Since stepping sideways to create our own bravery projects in the wilderness, We have been seeing a rising movement of joining business success to address social needs. Very good we think. More kind and compassionate side projects for standard business can only be a good thing?

The common denominator in our past and current lives has been about supporting others to discover their unique selves and embrace their changing experience of what it is to be human. This means finding ways to be available and aware of not only ourselves , but what people voice, express non-verbally and more importantly don’t talk about. Together we are muscling up on our emotional intelligence to have the best relationship with ourselves as well as others.

For any leader or life traveller EMPATHY ,the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, is up there after clean air, food and shelter…and to us it’s an ultimate, brave, radical act.

Empathy creates emotional hooks and connectedness. Empathy can be like a wild superpower where you  ‘sense or just know what another person is feeling‘. Some individuals are simply more empathetic than others whereas some find it hard to relate.

This feeling of connectedness and ‘being in the shoes of others’, is closely linked to intuition as intuition helps in the understanding and recognising emotions in others. Even if emotions are covert and not manifested, empathy helps in identifying these emotions through intuition.

Okay so what’s our point ?  So everyday we connect with people about the amazing stuff they are creating, manifesting or dreaming of. For many it’s not long into the conversation when they bluntly and congruently tell us the reality of their deep, empty sadness, addictions, negativity, what’s not working for them, people they are tolerating or unfulfilled goals they crave or regret.

When we offer ourselves as their coach, they shuffle, twitch and the ‘lights are on but no one’s home’ (to pardon a phrase) 🙂

Our point is or rather our question is ….


We’re wondering given human self-awareness and empathy are THE greatest superpowers for anyone surviving life (or with title of ‘leader ‘), why do so many people shy away from coaching  ?

The Offer – If you want to be emotionally available to yourself and others then we’re offering you a 30 minute sample telephone coaching session to hone your empathy as your own superpower.

If this is YOU then we’re ready for us to grab our capes and begin coaching together email charley@braveyourday.com

Charley & Colin Gavigan