We work alongside people who are ready to receive support to embrace daily fears to powerfully lead change in their lives. 

Being an independent supporter alongside them helps them work out what they need to brave their own day …their way!

Bravery coaching offers a trusted supporter in your corner, who wants and expects the best from you-and who will challenge you to perform at your best.

We coach anyone who wants to be their bravest self! So far we’ve coached people in Scotland, across the UK and USA. People who are surviving in the world.

People in midlife or older who want to embrace change and build their resilience, women and men leaving prison to front line care giver staff to those leading non-profit social causes, innovation entrepreneurs, small bizness owners, teachers, community activists, artists, crafters, writers, design creatives, refugees, musicians, high powered CEO’s ….and so many more brave souls.

The common themes are that they are often lonely, ‘flying solo’ AND they are ALL BRAVE people who want to acknowledge their resilience and respond positively to change. 



In times of uncertainty, crisis and change, the world needs people to be their bravest selves like never before.

Our groups are for people who want to take meaningful action to practice showing up as their bravest selves, to acknowledge their resilience and respond positively to change.

Brave Your Day© is for groups of 15 people maximum. It’s a 15 hour experiential self-learning program over 5 sessions and explores:

  • BRAVE (Behaviour, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, Environment) to support you to Brave Your Day, Your Way.
  • offering a combination of personal and active group experiences that support participants to practice new ways of thinking and behaving.
  • a positive uplifting environment that breeds bravery culture by creating a safe, brave space where people can expand their comfort zone and practice skills that support a braver personal mind-set.

“I found the sessions enlightening, not just about myself but others. It was such a relief to know I wasn’t alone and that others were struggling daily and finding things tough. The discussions allowed me to work out braver ways to deal with my anxieties. I learnt alot about myself…and I am brave!”

                                                                                                        Brave Your Day participant

” I have learnt so many ways to build my bravery muscles and reduce my stress to manage myself better” 

                                                                                                  Brave Your Day participant

Brave Your Dayer Club

Freedom to Brave Your Day …Your Way !

We are a community where we inspire, witness, celebrate and revive bravery of every kind, from people of every type.

Tell us about yourself, or the people and brave stuff that empowers you to pick up your own bravery torch:  

What helps you  Brave Your Day Your way ? 

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