People are braver than they ever believe. People inspire each other. Together we are leading braver lives in uncertain times.

Why Brave?

Hello we are The Gavigan’s.

We are International Bravery Explorers.

We study what everyday acts of bravery mean to people here in Scotland and further afield , in these global uncertain times.

Our special interest is in how people ‘brave out their days, their way’?

What’s unique? What’s common? 

How they embrace their fears?

What supports?

People are braver than they ever believe. Life teaches us about bravery and resilient survival.

About Charley

I’m a hope-a-holic who is learning every day to ditch my terrifying fears, anxieties and self-defeating beliefs in order to practice living and leading my bravest life.

About Colin

Colin has spent over 30 years working in leadership, managerial and therapeutic roles within Glasgow homelessness and community based addiction services.

Suzi's story

“When I was first recommended to meet with Charley I was sceptical, I didn’t really understand how she could help me.
However after regular meet ups with her she made me aware of myself, the way I spoke about myself and my body language…”

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Garry's story

“My Experience with doing life coaching was that I always felt comfortable when doing each hourly session. I always felt I could be honest with myself and just open up about what I was going through which was really rewarding for me as I’ll be honest at the start I was a bit nervous about doing this as it’s something I’ve never done before but Charley provided an environment which was safe and quiet…”
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Jennifer's story

“I am certainly beginning to live a phenomenal life after what has been a very rocky 12 months. Involvement in the coaching sessions over this difficult period in my life has reminded me that I am bold and brave and have all the answers in my head I just need to pause and take time to consider my strengths and qualities…”
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Pamela's story

“Bravery coaching with Charley came at the perfect time in my life as I was really struggling to cope with some personal & family issues. Charley enabled me to focus my energy on my strengths and to concentrate on the positives…”
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Joanne's story

“I started my journey with Charley as my guide almost 12 months ago. She has a photograph on the wall; the steep and perilous summit of the Matterhorn. That image fascinates me. In the last four years I have gone from a single art lesson in my dining room to being the CEO and Founder of a multi-award winning business and charity…”
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Bravery in Action

Watch our wrap up learning event with Scottish charities The Mungo Foundation and Hansel.

This followed a 2 year Scottish Government funded project to increase resilience, build a bravery culture and practice with social care leaders. Together we shared reflections and demonstrated the experiential methods and approaches used.

We’ve also added an example of a Bravery coaching session in action !

Thanks go to Dr Jennifer M Jones of Media for Communities for the filming & edits.

Hands up if YOU want more Bravery in YOUR day

Are you ready to recieve support with a goal or make a change that feels impossible right now?

We help people, individually and in groups,  see their world differently, because when you help someone see their world differently their world changes.

They show up differently and they create results that looked impossible a moment before.

That is brave.

Our magic is in building great relationships.

What we ask

  • Are you making or leading change in your work role or own life? 
  • Do you have an inspiring mission?
  • Are you making or ready to make an impact in the world?
  • Do you have a challenge?
  • Are you ready to commit to change?

We help you to achieve your change by:

  • believing in you
  • holding you accountable for your bigger vision
  • not believing the negative self-talk you tell yourself
  • together working out if we are the best fit
  • what you can count on us from us and what we require of you
  • agreeing how often and when we speak on the phone or face-to-face.

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We support people who are ready to receive support to lead change with increased bravery in their work or own lives.

Groups & Teams

We stir and practice bravery through our group Brave Your Day program with people who are leading change in organisations, companies or activist communities.

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From our newsletter to our our upcoming member community, we’d love for you to get involved, share & exchange what helps you brave our your day.

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